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Mindful, Powerful Pilates and Yoga Fusion Classes Outdoors

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Classes ARE on for next week: July 6 and 8! Share your "holiday weekend" in a safe and warm community while doing something good for YOU!

Evening class: Mondays @ 5:30 p.m-6:30 p.m.

Pilates and Yoga Fusion

Wednesdays @ 9:30 a.m-10:30 a.m
Pilates and Yoga Fusion (with special guest Fran Morina)


Neighbors and friends, please join us outdoors to calm your senses, strengthen your body and increase your flexibility. Classes will start with a short grounding/meditation, followed by strength and/or Pilates work and yoga. All levels welcome and modification will be provided. Signups available weekly​. Babies and kids who can sit quietly welcome​. ​​


To register, sign waivers and for more information, please click here (registration) . then sign two waivers (click here for waivers). Email if any problems with registration. Registration will close about1/2 hour before class. Please bring or send me your two signed waivers prior to class.

Please email also if you'd like to form a small group at another day and time.

Location: North Stamford private lawn (close to New Canaan and Pound Ridge) You will receive the address once you register (email for more information)

Suggested donation: $20 per class​/per person (or per family--2 people max. please and each must register/sign waivers). 50% of all proceeds collected will be donated to the Center for Wellbeing


Private Pilates and Training Sessions in my pristine Home Studio. Book now!

My home studio in North Stamford, on the borders of New Canaan and Pound Ridge, is ready for you! I have completed the CT Covid self-certifying procedure and implemented all safety precautions. Booking now for a limited number of one-on-one Pilates/Training sessions. For more information and to book your first session, contact Breathe Fitness. Day and evening appointments available. Email

Virtual Classes Via Zoom and Instagram--Keep an eye out for pop-up classes!

I am taking a break from live sessions, but please keep getting stronger and letting me know how you are doing. Enjoy the videos below! Follow me on Instagram @breathefitnessllc for updates.

Please consider making a donation to the CT Food Bank, which is in desperate need. Team page:

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Strength and Stamina 30-40 min.

(props: ball or pillow, mat, set of weights and one heavier weight--can use a sack of potatoes, bag of rice, gallon of milk.)
Burn fat and build muscle in this functional weight-training class, focused on form and flexing every muscle. All levels. Recorded from a live class.

Barre-Inspired Abs, Arms and A$$ (glutes) 40 min.

(props: chair/counter top, mat, light weights/water bottles, pillow if needed for support.)
Whittle your middle with a barre-inspired class designed to hit most of our "problem areas."

Recorded and edited from a live class.

Pillow-Talk Pilates (Gentle Pilates) 30 min.

(props: 2 pillows, mat, light weights/water bottles, chair/countertop for balance)
Enjoy a slower-paced, yet highly effective, strengthening and stretching workout, great for starting your day.

Recorded and edited from a live-streamed class.

Barre Flow and Flex

(props: Chair/Ballet Barre, mat/soft surface, light weights (2-3 lb. weights or other household items)

Find your flow in this condensed but challenging barre workout with a chill vibe and soundtrack.

Recorded and edited from a live-streamed class.

Cardio Barre to Beat Hunger
(props: Chair/Ballet Barre, mat/soft surface, ball (playground ball or use small pillow or rolled towel), light weights (2-3 lb. weights or other household items)

Get your heart pumping and work your legs, glutes, arms and abs in this pre-recorded 45-minute live Zoom cardio barre class videoed during the Covid-19 pandemic. All proceeds from this class went to the CT Food Bank. Donations are always welcome; please visit my team's page at if you’d like to contribute.

Barre and Beyond Total-Body Sculpt
(props: Chair/Ballet Barre, mat/soft surface, ball (playground ball or use small pillow or rolled towel), light weights (2-3 lb. weights or other household items)

Sculpt lean and toned muscles, burn fat and get your groove on with this 45-minute barre class sure to work every muscle in your body. 

Breathe, Strengthen and Stretch Pilates Mat
(props: soft surface/mat)

Find your center—inside and out—with this 35-minute, total-body Pilates mat workout, suitable for all levels. Tone your abs, stretch and strengthen your limbs and find a little peace-of-mind along the way.

Feel-Good Machine-Less Cardio Workout

(props: Stair/step and weights (optional)

Get some feel-good vibes flowing with this machine-less cardio workout. All you need is a step or a staircase. Weights optional for a little extra strength training. Get your body moving and your heart-rate up, wherever you are. A little sweat and a few smiles coming your way.



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