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You will feel stronger and have more strength to climb mountains by training in Pilates, barre and strength training with me in Stamford.
These clients, a duet from New Canaan, who met at the New Canaan YMCA, are doing the swan on reformers at my home Pilates studio in Stamford, which is Covid-safe-ceritied.
These clients from the New Canaan YMCA love to stretch on the refomer while doing Pilates in a group class.
I attend fitness conferences and Pilates workshops to further my education and to get continuing education credits for PMA and ACE.
This group in New Canaan was doing a boot camp I taught at the New Canaan Y. I also taught Pilates mat and apparatus and barre at the Y.
I used to joke about meeting me at the "barre" for my group barre and Pilates class in New Canaan. I've helped atheletes, teens, pregnant woman and men get stronger and more flexbile, lose weight and accomplish whatever goals they have.
This group class in New Canaan is doing floor work during a Pilates and barre fusion class, using resistance bands.
You can improve your hockey skills by training in Pilates with me, like these teens from Westport and Stamford. I teach teens, women and men of all ages in my home studio new year. I have reformers, towers, a Pilates chair and barrel and work most days, including early mornings before work. My schedule is flexible.
Here I'm taking continuing education classes in barre at Pilates at the Merrithew Pilates conference in New York with men and women from all over the world.
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I am doing a Pilates handstand on the ladder barrel here with my friend and Pilates instructor Fran Morina.
I love fitness fashion when I teach my Pilates and baree classes. These are some of my favorite leggings from Alo.
Swing photo
Swing photo
Children and teens can do Pilates and yoga too. It's never too early to start working on your core strength.
Pilates and yoga are mind-body exercises that make you feel strong inside and out. This is me, Leslie Caney Berni, and my good friend Debbie Scates Lasicki at the Wanderlust Yoga conference in Vermont.
I loved this Training For Warriors training with Martin Rooney. I took what I learned back to my Pilates, yoga and personal training practice in Stamford, CT.