Breathe Pilates & Fitness is a private studio dedicated to helping you find  your strength, stability and flexibility. It's about customizing Pilates and fitness programs to help you get healthy inside and out. It's about making movement as much a part of your daily life as breathing.


Beautiful woman is stretching during a Pilates reformer private session. She is getting more flexible and strong postpartum working with a Pilates instructor like myself. her upper
I offer nutritional counseling to my Pilates clients and those I work with in personal training. I help those in Stamford, New Canaan and Pound Ridge lose weight and feel great.
Nutritional Guidance
These women are squatting with a Pilates barre during a packed barre and Pilates class in New Canaan, CT. We'd use hand weights, Pilates circles, therabands, the mat and more in thes classes for all ages. These clients came from Stamford, Pound Ridge, New Canaan and Darien to work out.